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Indoor Soccer Turf League  


We will try to work with all out-of-town teams to accommodate scheduling, however, we ask that some flexibility be allowed as there are limited time slots for this league. Please contact Tony Henson, Hopkinsville Sportsplex Facility Coordinator at 270-348-6033 with any concerns about scheduling. Once schedules are complete, we cannot guarantee changes.

Build your own roster and compete.

$475 per team in the Middle school – High school leagues (Up to 16 players per roster. No roster changes after the first game)

Team provides their own shirts; shirts must be of same color. Numbers are preferred.

Players can only play on 1 team in a division. You may play in the same age co-ed and gender specific leagues if offered.

2022-23 Leagues will be:

  • Middle School – All players must not be beyond the age of 14 or in a grade higher than 8th

  • Junior Varsity – All players must not be beyond the age of 16 or in a grade higher than 10th

  • Varsity – All players must not be beyond that age of 18, and not have graduated from high school


All rosters must be turned in prior to a team’s first game. Roster changes will only be made under extreme circumstances and will be to the Sportsplex management’s discretion. All fees are due prior to a team’s first game. A player cannot change teams within a division after they have played one game.


It is our plan to start the league early November and plan to have Championships early January. End of season will depend on number of teams playing.


E-mail form to or register online.

Registration Deadline is October 25, 2022. 

By participating in this league, you agree to the following:

All participants agree to defend and hold harmless the City of Hopkinsville, Division of Parks and Recreation, and all other sponsors and agents from all injury, loss, costs, claims or damages to any person or property arising from, related to, or in any way connected with participation in any or all Sportsplex events. Participant hereby grants permission for Hopkinsville Sportsplex to publish any and all photos taken during these activities.

Middle School and High School divisions must have an adult that is no longer in school present in the player box at all times.  Failure to have an adult in place will result in the team forfeiting the game.

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